7 Most Memorable Duets in Music History

The best and most memorable duets of all time inspire people to open their ears and listen with their hearts. Anyone can enjoy two voices that merge harmoniously, singing as brilliantly as one. A pairing of two musical geniuses can lead to genuinely profitable and remarkable results that withstand the test of time.

Whether the song is a romantic ballad or a tandem melody with more complex harmonies and rap components, the most successful duets have each artist supporting and not outshining the other. And these duets exist in all genres!

The answer will be the same even for those who hire an essay writing service for best price to expound on this topic. The best duets of all time can be found from Motown to metal. Unlike what most people believe, duets are not exclusive to ballads, pop, and country. Check out the 7 most memorable pairings in musical history.

People dueting
People dueting

Unchained Melody

  • Performed by: The Righteous Brothers
  • Genre: Blue-eyed soul
  • Release date: 1965

This song was initially written by Hy Zaret and Alex North for the film Unchained in 1955. It was a well-received piece with versions by Liberace, Lex Baxter, and Harry Belafonte. However, it was only in 1965 wherein this creation topped the charts.

And this version by the Righteous Brothers became the song’s most famous version. The power pack performance of the duo made it an enduring version that many other artists tried to make a cover of. Over two decades later, the same song popped into Billboard’s Top Ten list after it became the theme song for the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

Where is the Love

  • Performed by: Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway
  • Genre: Soul, R&B
  • Release date: 1972

One of the most poignant romantic duets that set the mood for the 70s is Where is the Love. It featured smooth, heavenly vocals that made hearts reminisce about the magic of a past love that a couple once shared. This song brought tears to the brokenhearted, thanks to the heart-rending performance of Roberta Flack and Donny Hathway.

The catchy melody wormed its way to many people’s hearts as this scored an excellent Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. The artists also won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a group or duo. Because this work of art is a timeless gem that encapsulates a core human emotion, numerous covers were made by other artists like Johnny Mathis, Liza Minelli, and Sergio Mendez.

Tonight I Celebrate My Love

  • Performed by: Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack
  • Genre: Soul, R&B
  • Release date: 1983

One of the most popular romantic ballads in the 80s that made toes curl up and singletons wish for a partner is Tonight I Celebrate My Love. This platinum-selling album set the mood for numerous couples as it became a popular wedding song throughout the decade.

It features the soulful performance by Roberta Flack and Peabo Bryson. They recorded this single for their best-selling album, Born to Love. This duet became so popular that it landed in the top ten charts for multiple territories from Australia to South Africa.

(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life

  • Performed by: Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
  • Genre: Pop, rock, adult contemporary
  • Release date: 1987

Temperatures were raised in the summer of 1987 with the release of the iconic movie Dirty Dancing. And with this global smash hit came the popularity of the song (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life. It was performed by singer-songwriter Jennifer Warnes, along with one for the Righteous Brothers, Bill Medley.

At its release, this song was ahead with its more modern beats and sensual melody. And, of course, it gained massive popularity thanks to the dance routine of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, who top-billed the movie.

Girls singing together
Girls singing together

When You Believe

  • Performed by: Mariah Cary and Whitney Houston
  • Genre: Soul, R&B, pop
  • Release date: 1998

What happens when two powerful vocalists collaborate on one song? Magic! In November 1998, two soulful divas combined their extraordinary talents for a project called When You Believe. This inspiring music was written for the Disney animated film, The Prince of Egypt.

And it’s not surprising that this inspiring ballad garnered an Academy Award for Best Music (Original Song), Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals, Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media, and more. This highly acclaimed piece is the only partnership between these two talented singers. And thus, it is a memorable work of art that has transcended time and remains popular today.

Let’s Make Love

  • Performed by: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
  • Genre: Country music
  • Release date: 2000

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are iconic country music singers who are husband and wife. And as such, they make the best and most-heart rending duets. Let’s Make Love is another chart-topping masterpiece released in Hill’s Breathe album and featured on her husband’s first greatest hits album. It was the perfect song for the turn of the new millennium.

This third duet earned this music power duo a Grammy Award in 2001. Since then, both have continued to collaborate and help each other with their music career. They finally released their first joint long play (LP) called The Rest of Our Life in 2017.

Acting Like That

  • Performed by: Yungblud ft. Machine Gun Kelly
  • Genre: Pop punk, indie
  • Release date: 2020

British alternative rocker Yungblud began collaborating with an American rock artist and rapper Machine Gun Kelly in 2019 with the successful release of I Think I’m Okay. Because the public received this project well, they combined forces again for Acting Like That.

Since it was released during the pandemic, the music video had high energy with dynamic visuals, showing how both artists struggled to fend off a zombie apocalypse. And the song’s theme speaks about the fateful night that two artists spend together after the death of a mutual friend.

Final Thoughts

One famous artist singing is already a pleasure that could result in a red-hot hit. So when producers go the extra mile to combine two powerful voices, the result is exceptional. Everyone should make time to dim the lights, crank the volume, and cozy up to these hottest duets.