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pølaroit present new melodic-emotional 5-track ‘Pure EP’

The EP draws on the dichotomy of moody sound somewhere in between melancholic downtempo and uplifting melodies


Electronic duo, pølaroit, finally drops the 5-track EP Pure, a mix of intimate and emotional vibes.

Having debuted last year on Stil vor Talent with the 4-track EP Expedition Into, the duo had an amazing year in 2019. The opening track of the EP has now amassed almost 1.5 million streams only on Spotify. The EP defined the duo’s moody sound somewhere in between melancholic downtempo and uplifting melodies and captivated audiences around Germany. From this success, pølaroit career took overcoming up to us with this new stunning EP.

Pure, released via Christian Löffler’s Ki Records, continues to draw on the dichotomy of the two abovementioned emotions but this time around there’s a bigger sense of presence and liveliness. Through the use of field recordings and vocals, pølaroit wants to rescue the human and organic elements of creativity in their music.

Kicking off with Cala, the tune already sets the mood of the EP. The minimal and hypnotic beat rapidly gives space to a deep but dreamy long melody, flowing seamlessly on the whole tune reaching the peak time with an incredible arpeggio and progressive vibes. Up next, Perfect Strangers features the angelic voice of Luna Morgenstern. Featuring an intimate and melancholic piano melody, the track includes soft and narcotic vibes. Already released as a single some months ago, Perfect Strangers act as a bridge between Cala and Pure, the next record of the EP. The mood goes deep with the narcotic ryhtyhm and hypnotic theme. Pure is a crescendo of progressive emotions that flow to UnderwaterThe track features another amazing singer, Margret; with her voice, she drives the soothing and mesmeric percussions and the cinematic lines to the closing of the EP. Echoes encapsulate all the meanings of the Pure EP, with its dreamy and hopeful melodies and a clean but bright and inspiring beat.

Space and time both play a role in pølaroit’s music. A felt connection to Jonas and Marius’ hometowns in Northern Germany, their geography, as well as a sense of pertaining to a specific instant in time, a generation, are both expressed in the duo’s strain of melodic deep house, “We see our music as a snapshot of time and music,” they say. The chosen name for the duo, pølaroit, is a reference to this idea of capturing a moment and it tributes both their northern roots (Polar) as well as the birthplace of techno (Detroit).

pølaroit stunning 5-track Pure EP is now available for stream and download. Check the EP below or via this link.

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