The strange case of Guamo by Will K

Today is a strange day. It’s friday and, as every friday, labels release their new tunes on the stores and streaming services. And it’s precisely what happened with the new Will K track, Guamo, appeared this morning on Spotify.

So what’s the strangeness? The strange thing is that no one knew of its release today and no one has advertised it! Thanks to rumors and leaked information we knew that ‘Guamo‘ would be out on Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman imprint label, Buce Records.

Our information was confirmed today at the copyright view on Spotify quoting

2016 Buce Records. Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Sweden AB

In short words the track is appeared today on Spotify without that Will K, Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman or the same label advertise it

Was it a simple mistake on the release date or a missing communication with Spotify? We don’t know!

Anyway you can listen in on Spotify right now!