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tomorrowland 2018 open letter

Open letter to everyone is joining Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland 2018, less than 24 hours for the biggest festival in the world. Photos of the stages, line-up, live stream and more have been revealed for this edition so, it’s now time to enjoy it.

Tomorrowland, as every music festival out there, should be a place of happiness and unity but, the story has reached us that, bad things can happen. Because of that, Reddit user DontBroMeYo has posted, what we can define, an open letter to everyone is going to attend this year Tomorrowland and, that can be applied to every big event out there.

Reddit user wrote an open letter for everyone is joining Tomorrowland 2018

Be careful, pace yourselves and know your limits, if you find people in difficulties, try to help or ask for help.” The whole statement can be summarized as ‘be a decent human being’ that might seem obvious but it is always better to remember.

The full statement can be found below.

Last but not least, Enjoy Tomorrowland <3

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