Kardew Rain EP Peak Twitch Records

Peak Twitch Records third release is the “Rain EP” by Kardew

The sound comes from the machine, the music is for dancer” is the sentence that hits first when you visit Peak Twitch Records’ website and, above it, “The groove could be qualified as deep techno” and their latest release fully reflects this spirit.

We are talking about Kardew‘s EP called “Rain” which features three tracks: Rain, Awakenings and Analog Captain.

Peak Twitch Records’ third release is called “Rain EP” and it’s by label boss’ project Kardew.

Kardew is a concept created by Gilles Dewilder and Karl Ritter, where both of them are combining studios and knowledge. Their goal is to achieve great results using only analog synth. They have different knowledge about the production’s field; Giles is a master with all these tools and Karl Ritter is the man behind the mix and master process thanks to his knowledge of sound engineering.

The EP opens up with “Rain,” considered from Peak Twitch Records’ Boss, probably, the best track on the label so far. It’s a techno massive dancefloor killer, the type of track you’re going to play when the night it’s on its top. The second track “Awakenings” is a techno minimal groove perfect for warming up the dancefloor. Last but not least, “Captain Analog” is a pure dreamy techno track with breathtaking strings inspired by Bladerunner.

The whole EP is already out and you can grab a copy here or listen to it below.

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